Track Time And Attendance With TimeTrex

Tracking time and attendance can be tricky, especially when you are monitoring a large number of employees. If you want to make the process easier, using a workforce management platform like TimeTrex can help you keep track of multiple employees in a user-friendly way. Read on to learn more about TimeTrex and how it can help you.

TimeTrex can help you track your workers in a wide variety of ways. One innovative way it does this is by using facial recognition on smartphones or tablets. Your employees don’t even have to press any buttons to check in, they just look into the tablet and they will automatically be checked in. The process is easy and the system recognizes your workers even if they are wearing hats or glasses. Workers who are out in the field can check in using their smartphones.

TimeTrex allows you to accurately track attendance from anywhere in the world. You can take advantage of a variety of ways to track your employees’ attendance that are going to work with your needs and with your budget. Your workers can use their computers and landline phones to check in and managers can easily monitor attendance and get real-time reports about what their employees are doing. You can review attendance records at any time so you always know what is going on with your employees.

The platform can easily be configured to set up unlimited accruals so you can track sick days and vacations. Your employees can also use the system to see how many sick days they have which will save time for people working in human resources. TimeTrex gives you so much control and you can do just about anything that you want with it.

TimeTrex makes it very easy to take care of your scheduling needs and you can automate even the most complex schedules with ease. You will never need to create a manual schedule as long as you are using this system. Each employee can access their own schedules so they are on track and you can create schedules for as many employees as you need.

Employees can also communicate with the system instead of going through HR so there are no communication mistakes to deal with. The system is easy to use once you have been trained and the customer support at TimeTrex is there to help you any time that you need it. Employees and managers will have an easy time accessing their information and you can automate everything.

No matter how big or small your company is you can easily track time and attendance with TimeTrex. The platform is incredibly versatile and there are lots of things you can do with it that are going to improve the way your business works and even help your company save money. If you need to improve time tracking and you need a flexible solution that is going to easy to set up and maintain, then TimeTrex is the right choice.